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This forum isn't a playground. Like real life, nothing works without rules on our forums . The rules arrange the "life" on our forums.

If someone evades our rules intentional, he will be banned.

from the board!!! We reserves us the right to edit or delete postings, which don't correspond to the rules!
Please pay attention to the manners on the board.

All postings have to be made in English, non English messages will be deleted without any comment or notification.

Choose the right section for your posting!
Choose a good subject for your thread!
First before posting use the "search"-option and read the sticky !
Insulting other member will be not tolerated!
No spam in the board (the same posting in different sections...)
No religious discussions..
No "send me too,,," messages.. please update etc.
No swear words!
Thanks posts are not allowed ! there is a Like button for that
No advertising in user profile fields as location or age, website url.
No QR code or nude pictures in avatar
No links to outside forums or websites, specially ones that requires registration.
Posting personal photos of any of members is not allowed
Don´t push posting-counter with messages like thx, haha, smileys...
Posting details (phone-nos, private-address....) from other members isn´t allowed.
Respect the moderators. If there are any problems with moderators then only contact an Admin
all other advertise-links (also in avatars) will be deleted or censored.
Admins will decide for mods . spamming forum for mods selection not allowed.
Only one account per member: double accounts will be deleted, specially if the old account been banned from the forum
Every section *May* have additional rules, please look in sticky or announcement..
Read the rules every day before post !!!

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