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Mar 18, 2019
At Lifetime.Hosting we're working hard to remove all recurring costs associated with web hosting.
We've succeeded with Shared Hosting, SSL Certificates and select Domain Name Registrations.

Shared Hosting
Our shared plans meet the needs of most online businesses. Email accounts, forwarders, free site builder, e-commerce, Wordpress & more. Pay once, host forever.
Lifetime SSL Certificates
For a one-time payment of $79.95, enable our LetsEncrypt SSL module that allows you to order free SSL certificates with auto-renewal on all account domains.
Lifetime Registration
Finally a lifetime domain solution. Register a .co.business, .co.education, .co.financial, .co.network, .co.technology, .co.place or .co.events. $39.95 for a lifetime. (details)
Lifetime Priority Backup Protection
Unlimited priority account restorations, front of the line restoration service as well as 24/7 secure access to two full off-server cPanel backups. One payment of $39.95.

Faster Loading Websites
Not only have we invested in our enterprise cloud infrastructure, we integrate best of breed software including cloudlinux, litespeed webserver and mariadb to ensure the fastest loading websites.
Enterprise Infrastucture
All shared hosting accounts are hosted on our own infrastructure utilizing 100% RAID drives, the latest generation servers and only the latest and greatest Intel Xeon Processors.
Experienced Experts
Our parent company has been providing web hosting since 2002. With over 14 years experience, we have the experience you need to support you and help you deliver the best website for your business.
Not Unlimited Hosting
There is no such thing is unlimited hosting. One problem with unlimited is that customers on your shared server will be using more than their share of resources and monopolizing the CPU - slowing your site down. Not here.
Risk Free Signup
Our 30-day Money Back Guarantee offers you the opportunity to try our services risk free. We are very confident in our services. We provide a fast, secure and reliable service and your satisfaction is our number one priority.
Pay Once - Host Forever
At Lifetime.Hosting, we charge you once. A fair price that will allow us to provide you with hosting forever. How? We won't tell you the secret behind that magic, but rest assured your payment ensures hosting for a lifetime.
These customer testimonials represent only a tiny fraction of the number of satistied Lifetime.Hosting customers.
Through these remarkable customer experiences, you can gain insight into how our service works & discover what it's like to work with Lifetime.Hosting.


I appreciate the uptime and stability of our hosting and email. I are very satisfied with the services provided by Lifetime.Hosting. The customer service is impeccable. I highly recommend it.
Phil Gauthier


After moving my hosting to Lifetime.Hosting we have never looked back. Technical support has been fantastic. The technology used at Lifetime.Hosting fits perfectly with my own, creating a perfect match.
Anthony Low

Lifetime.Hosting does an amazing job and I recommend them to all our clients as the web hosting company to use. We have been completely satisfied with the excellent service they provide.
Ray Moran

The tools make it really easy to set up a functional and attractive web site for someone with no technical experience. Our site was up and running in a very short time. We’re very happy with how our customers are finding our website.