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  1. zNoelX

    Free WebHosting

    You can visit it and login here but if you don't have an account you must be register first :). Link of site :) .. Click Me Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Websites from InfinityFree. don't forget to react to my thread then say thanks...
  2. zNoelX

    xenforo Request You have a problem about xenforo?

    Hello everyone, Do you have any problems creating a forum that you do not know how to do? This thread I made you can request anything you want. Tutorial - How to? Skip Paid VIP like add ons but If have a pub add ons that you don't know how to import it to your site I can help you. I'm a...
  3. zNoelX

    Xenforo 2.X Styles XenDark - FREE Dark Responsive Theme 2020-06-29

    Preview Theme Features Fully Responsive Tested with over 60 Xenforo 2 addons Compatible with XenPorta 2 Portal Full support for Xenforo Media Gallery & Resource Manager Floating content or boxed layout Easy to change color palette Google fonts Logo Photoshop PSD Dozens of additional settings...
  4. zNoelX

    XenDark - FREE Dark Responsive Theme

    zNoelX submitted a new resource: XenDark - FREE Dark Responsive Theme - Xendark Theme Read more about this resource...
  5. zNoelX

    Hi I'm zNoelX

    Hi I'm zNoelX Nickname : zNoelX Name : Noel Mallari Skills : Web and Mobile App Developer. I'm a self study student I decide to learn some programming languages because this is my dream to become a web and mobile app developer, for now I'm learning like this drag and drop...
  6. zNoelX

    xenforo Request How to create a warning box on the home screen

    That is a add on of xenforo you can make it by using css code and some php
  7. zNoelX

    XF tips Xenforo Thead Prefixes Icon

    Manual coding with css .Discussion{ borde.Discussion{ border: 1px solid #009dff; background: #2371a2; } .Discussion:before{ content:"\f5da"; } .Prefixes{ color: #fff; border-radius:2px; display: inline-block; position: relative; font-size: 90%; padding: 0 5px 0 32px; cursor...
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